About Us

The Footloose Tomcat Family - Migz, Mary and Rocket

Why Footloose Tomcat?

Migz and Mary consider Rocket as their son, a mix of grey and white, this Persian Cat is both the boss and the baby of the household.

Mary loves to sit at a coffee shop, either with a book or just sipping her matcha green tea while people-watching.

Migz wants to sit and detail everything about a trip - the expenses, experience and expectations.

Both of them love to travel, be it the beach, the country side, the city scape or a secluded place that's totally unheard of by others.

They support the "refuse single-use plastic" movements and groups.

Meet the Team

Migz Hernandez

Chief Storyteller

Migz started blogging in 2012 when she explored the northern part of Luzon for 4 days. She felt that she had stories to share, expectations to set and warnings to tell the readers to save them the trouble of getting lost, scammed, or, nowhere.

As of May 2017, She has been to 9 countries / territories outside of the Philippines and wants to see that doubled in the next 2 years.

Migz has been part of the BPO training team since 2010.

Mary Emberador

General Manager

Mary has an eye for good photos and a good sense of financial balance. She travels in style, but always within a set budget. One of her goals is to take her family to a vacation outside of their hometown.

She can also sing and dance while at it. She can definitely juggle a lot of things at the same time.

Mary works as a manager for a BPO in Metro Manila.



Rocket was born on August 6, 2016 and in less than a year with furr parents Mary and Migz, he has seen them come and gone for trips, leaving him with his aunt (Mary's sister).

Rocket wants to one day unleash the footloose tomcat in him.

He works at home - messing the living room, scratching the sofa, and routinely biting his furr-ents to wake up and feed him.