The Classic Savory Chicken Experience

My favorite chicken is BonChon. The garlic chicken is perfect for my taste especially that I’m a wing-man (favorite chicken part: wings).

On the way to my favorite restaurant on a very busy payday, we passed by The Classic Savory Chicken, just a few steps away from BonChon. I told Joy that I haven’t eaten there yet, and she said the same thing. So we went there and feasted on Combo C1 Meal (good for 2 as advertised-but with how things went, 3 people can share it). It included half of their classic chicken, pancit canton (yummy), a few pieces of peppered spare ribs, 2 orders of rice, 2 pcs of turon and 2 glasses of drinks (choice of iced tea or tropical juice) — all for PhP385. On the side, Joy ordered Pandan at PhP 55.

It was very filling. Although the peppered spareribs were only a few pieces, it was so delicious, especially when dipped in the vinegar served with it. I am not so much of a vinegar person as Joy is, but when I tried it, I became an instant fan. The chicken and its gravy are perfect together. The canton’s toppings included squid balls, chicken gizzard & liver, and shrimp. I gave my share of the turon (banana langka) to Joy since she only ate half her rice. I wasn’t a pandan person either so I just had a taste of it, then gave it to her, too. The pandan was not too sweet, just the way I liked it.

We billed a total of PhP 440 that day, but we took home a quarter of the chicken and most of the canton because we can’t eat them any more (told you it’s good for 3 persons).

Yes, I’m still a BonChon guy, but hey. It wasn’t too bad, just a little expensive. =) But all worth it.  It’s like PhP440 for 3 people. Visit their branches soon (there’s one in Robinson’s Galleria) and find out for yourself, don’t just take my word for it =)

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