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Negros Series: Wandering Around Mambukal – Bath Houses, Butterflies, Hot Springs and Boats

In the morning following the 7 falls conquest, I walked around Mambukal at 6am since I wasn’t due to leave until about lunch time.

Mambukal, Murcial, Negros Occidental - from the "porch"
Mambukal, Murcial, Negros Occidental – from the “porch”

The Ishiwata Bathhouse was a little eerie during that moist Monday morning. This Roman-Greek inspired structure has been there for 85 years and was named after its architect Kokichi Paul Ishawata.

Mambukal, Murcial, Negros Occidental
Mambukal, Murcial, Negros Occidental

The hot sulfur spring bath will surely give someone the relaxation he needs, at PhP 150.00 for 30 minutes.

A little farther is the boating lagoon, it was tranquil and deserted when we got there. I think at that time of the day we were the only ones wandering around and taking pictures.

You can get a ride at PhP 30.00 per person for 30 minutes in this lagoon.

Around the resort there are spots where you would see boiling mud areas, but the one I passed by already dried out. Thus, just a photo of the sign:

The Blade Spa is located along the way to the canopy walk I did yesterday and  across it is the hot spring. From there, one can watch the bats flying in the afternoon.

I couldn’t find where the wall climbing facility was, and because I was short on time, decided to walk back and head for the pool.

They were still cleaning it when we woke up. By estimate, they should have been done by now. Boy, am I excited!!

Unexpectedly, the pool watcher did not let me in because I was wearing nylon clothes. He said swimmers are required to have proper swimwear.

I understand that. But the fact that it was not indicated in the website, was disappointing enough. You couldn’t expect me to wear a swimsuit, kuya! Nor trunks!!! I said diplomatically if there were exceptions or special consideration especially that I flew from Manila to experience Mambukal.

He said a flat-out NO that irked me. I walked away and I showered and checked out.

Before finally leaving, I dropped by the Butterfly Sanctuary and saw a “homosexual butterfly”. I thought the caretaker joked it since he saw me. But to my surprise, it was really true.

I don’t exactly remember what kind of butterfly this is in layman’s term, but the caretaker said it is homosexual because the left wing (smaller) is male and the right (larger) is the female. Notice that the wings are not symmetric.

Other butterflies below:

After this, I headed back to Bacolod to have lunch and catch my flight back to Manila.

So many things to do, so little time =( Work in Manila awaits!

And thus we I goodbye to this all-in-one place in Mambukal.

For more information, please check out their website at:

Please watch out for my other blog about this Bacolod Trip: It’s all about food-tripping in Bacolod. =)

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