2012 Year-Ender & A Hopeful 2013 Opener

Alright, so Christmas celebrations are almost over and everyone is gearing towards new years day preparation and to-do’s for the year to come.

I look back and try to remember everything relevant, fun, and meaningful that’s happened in the year 2012 as we usher 2013 in.

Here’s a brief round-up of 2012:

January – The start of the year hasn’t been much of excitement as this was when Joy got hospitalized for her PCOS and its complications. She stayed at The Medical City for 3 days. Work has been busy as I graduated Wave 306B and started the year with Wave 312.

Wave 306B (partial)
Wave 306B (partial)
Ron, Effie, Sani and Me (January 2012)
Ron, Effie, Sani and Me (January 2012)

February – We celebrated Sani’s birthday at work, the 1st for each year, and I think based on pictures, this is when we started to work closely. This is my mother’s birthday month also, who just came back from a long hiatus. This month also saw Sir Joyce’s month-long birthday celebration, a fellow piscean.

One of the many celebration of Goyt's Bday
One of the many celebration of Goyt’s Bday

My first out of town trip this year was in Potipot, Zambales, with her cluster.

Fun, Sand, Pictures and Sun @ Potipot
Fun, Sand, Pictures and Sun @ Potipot

Here’s the blog about it: http://wp.me/p2uAw5-41

March – My birth month but also very busy because we were transitioning from sView to iCare (sorry for the jargon), fellow Sprint people will understand what it’s all about. We also had double shifts for the MTP, and yes, I can remember the scenes from there.

Joy’s team also had their first team building at Rizal, where I cried about Kangkong (haha), and we went to Daranak Falls after.

The Buddha JumP @ Daranak Falls, Rizal
The Buddha JumP @ Daranak Falls, Rizal

My gift on my birthday was a Nike backpack, fit for travels we would have during the entire year. Also, this was when I hugged mama goodbye as she heads for more duty time away from us. I wouldn’t see her until March or April of next year.

Team Training and Lab also got to celebrate our team building in Baguio. This month, my brother Jami came back from Davao and decided to stay and work here for good. =)

Training and Lab goes to Burnham Park March 2012
Training and Lab goes to Burnham Park March 2012

April – This month marks my sister’s 10th death anniversary and also ends my self-exile to our hometown Davao, as I brought along Joy to observe this tribute to Beng, and tour Davao as well.

Beng's 10th Death Anniversary April 2012
Beng’s 10th Death Anniversary April 2012

Here are my blog entries for our Davao trip:


When I came back, I started off with my 1st i-Care class. Joy also surprised me with a package for 2 to the Manila Ocean Park, which I enjoyed so so so much, especially the Jellies room (speaks much about me), and she enjoyed the Snow village (very much like her).

Snow Village at The Manila Ocean Park April 2012
Snow Village at The Manila Ocean Park April 2012

Here’s the blog: http://wp.me/p2uAw5-9v

May – Towards the end of the month, Joy and I crossed out an item in our bucket list as we were able to tour the Ilocos spots like Vigan, Pagudpud, Burgos, Bangui, Laoag, Paoay and Batac. It was sooooo nice to be on a long vacation (2days + 2days off). The 1st half of our 13th month pay was released around this time of the year, too.

UNESCO Heritage Site: Paoay Church May 2012
UNESCO Heritage Site: Paoay Church May 2012

Here are the blog entries for our Ilocos trip:


June – Coming off fresh from the trip, work was a little bit off as I had a high attrition for the Wave 324 and a not so good score in lab. It was one of my all-time lows, professionally. Jami also celebrated his nth birthday during this month.

July – This is Joy’s birth month and though I have negotiated for vacation, due to the low output last month, and despite my effort on the next class, my smallest, Wave 337, I settled for a weekend birthday celebration in Baler, Aurora.

Surfing Baler July 2012
Surfing Baler July 2012

It was just a weekend, and the travel time took most of it, but believe me, one of the most memorable vacations we’ve had. Here we tried out feet at surfing, and boy was she good at it.

I also prepared a video presentation for her birthday (29th) and our monthsary (28th), which made her cry while we were in Baler. Video link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3650449019649&set=vb.1227182042&type=2&theater

Here are the blog entries for the Baler (Aurora) trip:


August – This month saw the graduation of my “pambawi” class, but for the first time ever, I missed my own class’ graduation because I nearly lost consciousness and was brought to The Medical City and was discharged a few hours later: Vasovagal Syncope.

And yet again that unfortunate weekend saw me, developing yet another tonsillitis, and the worst rash attack I’ve had due to an allergic reaction I had with Clindamycin. I saw myself spending a lot of money for medicine, and was eventually recommended to get tonsillectomy.

This month also saw the torrential rains hitting on Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

September – After days and days of queuing to doctors’ clinics at The Medical City for consultations, checks, lab tests and results, I finally got “booked” for tonsillectomy by Doctor Michael Dazo of the same hospital.

1st Meal after Tonsillectomy September 2012
1st Meal after Tonsillectomy September 2012

I was confined for 3 days and required to rest for 2 weeks for recovery and strictly on soft cold diet. I’ve never felt any hungrier than after the operation.

Here are the blog entries about my tonsillectomy:


Before we went with the operation, though, I surprised Joy with a cruise dinner (the experience was perfect, the food wasn’t, so..), and we also took part of their 2nd Cluster team building at Pumarada Resort in Rizal.

Dinner Cruise September 2012
Dinner Cruise September 2012

Even as I was recovering and not allowed to eat solid food, we still celebrated Papa’s 50th birthday.

Papa's 50th Sept 2012 (me, papa, jami, alec)
Papa’s 50th Sept 2012 (me, papa, jami, alec)

This month also marks Joshua and Kaye’s birthdays, both Joy’s youngest siblings.

Kaye on her 15th Bday Sept 2012
Kaye on her 15th Bday Sept 2012
Wawa at 10 Sept 2012
Wawa at 10 Sept 2012

October – The first week was the most grueling as I struggled with the soft cold diet (jellos and cold water) prescribed for me. One night I even woke up with blood trickling down my throat, which is very critical, post Tonsillectomy. I thought I was really gonna die then. Problems with my pay also took a toll on me since my sick time wasn’t paid and it added more anxiety to a recovering patient like me. And then I was back in action as DJ handed me my class, Wave 349.

Out of boredom while I was in bed rest, I watched a lot of movies, finished reading the 50 Shades Trilogy and thought of seriously blogging here at wordpress.

Ironically, when I came back to work, Joy is no longer a part of TP as she started with Convergys the week after she officially resigned. (tears tears).

Team Joy Martinez Oct 2012
Team Joy Martinez Oct 2012

Here’s the video I prepared for her send off, not to mention the Nine West bag (haha) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3918121271288&set=vb.1227182042&type=2&theater

November –  This month, I briefly met Joy’s sister Jinky, and her youngest sister Kaye spent a few days worth of sem break with us. We went to the QC Memorial Circle, and forged a bonding that I know will last a lifetime.

Here are the blog entries about the 2 lovely ladies, and Kaye’s stay in Manila:


We also met with Joy’s college friends in Baguio, as we explored the artistic side of the city and the region itself.

Here are the blog entries:

http://wp.me/p2uAw5-8K (friends)
http://wp.me/p2uAw5-92 (food)
http://wp.me/p2uAw5-9O (arts)

This month, my bestest of friends at work started out with our secret santa, which was really fun.

Gift Giving 2012
Gift Giving 2012

This also marks Alec’s last “college” birthday. =)

December – This month started with Training and Lab’s Christmas Party at our boss’ place, which saw everyone having fun with presentation, food, and gifts.

It was also Joy’s turn to meet my Cavite friends when we had a get together after 8 years at the most, at the Island Cove Resort. It was a night of rekindling, food, and songs.

Here’s the blog entry: http://wp.me/p2uAw5-bp

Joy attended her 1st CVG Christmas party, while I missed TP’s. Gift giving is as always, the most fun-filled activity this month, as she spent Christmas at their ancestral house in Mexico, Pampanga, and I at work and at home in Mandaluyong. The month isn’t done yet and I’m sure a lot would still happen in a week’s time. By then I guess I would just update this blog. =)

Things to look forward to in 2013:

1. A better performance

2. More trips (we already booked 4 local trips Boracay, Cagayan, Coron and Bohol and hopefully an international trip would also transpire)

3. A higher viewership in wordpress so I can get a sponsor to free travels in the Philippines (usually given to bloggers with the highest traffic for the year)

4. Get a DSLR. Although my HTC Sensation XL’s photos have also been exceptional for a phone camera, taking photography seriously would mean a serious camera. Ahaha

5. Either that, or a Mac book. =) Gotta work hard to get either (or both?)

6. A bank account (I should be able to open one before my birthday)

7. Bonding time with mama when she gets back

8. Watch Les Miserables and Man of Steel

9. Meet the parents (not impossible, right?)

10. To scale at least one mountain this year.

That’s the shortlist of things I want to do, places I want to go to, and gadgets I want to have. If you think those would cost me a lot, I believe you. And I can always use some help =)

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Health, Love, Life. That’s what we need.

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  1. Argh, tama ka, Lord, please more VLs for more adventures! hehe. Hope I could have more local trips in 2013 as well. Keep ’em comin parekoy! Glad you enjoyed 2012. Here we go 2013 🙂

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