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3 Horrible Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date A Travel Blogger

If you’re in the dating phase, this is for you. If you’re already with someone who blogs, maybe it might be a good read, too. You might even agree πŸ˜‰

1. Time – he won’t always have time. He will spend time away from you to travel. To go to places he has only googled all his life, or seen in the movies, or heard of in lazy soshal conversations at a Starbucks location.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – when he is not traveling, he spends a lot of time writing and researching.

He will spend time away from you writing about his travels, not because he wants to brag, but because he wants to share his thoughts and the many emotions he felt during his recent trip.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – Caramoan (Cotivas Island) 2014

He wants to impart experiences to those who can’t go on trips like these. He will take time answering questions on his blog, because that’s how a blogger should be – engaging, helping, available.

2. Funds – he won’t always have funds to buy you fancy gifts. He will always be on a budget for that next trip. He can’t take you to high end restaurants because he’s saving what’s left of his pay for his next adventure.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – she won’t even be able to buy her own birthday cake

He will always rely on sale items, vouchers and discounts to buy his clothes, or even his movie tickets. He will be cashless at times, and you can’t ask him to go out anytime all the time because he has “critical wallet days” as he counts down the days to his payday.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – the author’s favorite local coffee – Great Taste White Caramel

3. Priority – he won’t have a house or a car to his name yet. Because he’s too busy being in places he won’t even have the time and the resource to look for a house and lot, or a condo unit that can be financed by HDMF.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – money on gears and accessories

His shopping list includes accessories to his gopro, gears for snorkeling or mountain climbing. He would buy the on-sale 3+1 canned goods at the grocery, he would look for the cheapest snacks, the cheapest books, the cheapest coffee. He is too busy paying the airline tickets he buys, or the resorts he books to even mind buying a generic item in the grocery.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – the author at Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan

So if you’re not sure about the guy / girl and the baggage he / she brings, stop and think about it. Do not enter his world if you’re not sure you can accept it. Do not date him if you can’t tolerate the long hours he spends researching before and after each trip, so his blog is not meaningless and untruthful. Do not even think about it.

But if you’re sure, and you’re accepting his flaws and shortcomings, you’re in for a treat. Basta traveler sweet lover!

Kidding aside, he will take you to places you’ve never been, maybe not with his own funds but he will research for you, ask around for you, take pictures of you, blog about you, rave about you.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – the author and her partner on a staycation weekend

He will write itineraries with you in mind, ensuring you are comfortable, that you would like the food, that you would enjoy the view, the activities. That you won’t get allergies from the local cuisines, that you don’t get asthma attacks from the trek, that you don’t get cramps learning to swim or surf.

There won’t be a place he wants to go that you’re not a part of. You will be his muse, his source of inspiration. When he starts getting paid for doing what he loves, or when he starts getting recognized, yours is the first name he will utter.

The most understanding wife / girlfriend / partner. The best travel companion God has ever created. You are his peace, his happiness, his fortress.

If you’re ready to be part of this, then by all means date him. Love him, take care of him. Understand him, support him, inspire him. Fuel his passion, and in turn, that passion will take you places, and heights never before reached.

Never Date A Travel Blogger – the author at the Dicasalarin Cove in Baler, Aurora


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