Beng Hernandez Would Have Turned 35 Today – A Message From Her Mother

On the 35th birthday of Beng… in a world where we struggle for everything under the sun. The clouds have passed by, and so has Beng’s last breath, as if gone with the wind.
ON THE 12TH STRUGGLING YEAR FOR PEACE and justice after they were massacred by the state-sponsored terrorism, the struggle remains not the same but fiercer  and tougher than ever.
Even among the hundreds of thousands of young martyrs and grown up alike,  the principles stand fast with the masses, as they struggle for their cause and continue to find solution for a just and peaceful living.
Salute! and pay tribute to the thousand unknown martyrs who fought the fight with dignity, unmatched courage, dedication and above all, the spirit of volunteerism that bind the principles within.
For us who live for the living, do contribute great and small, for the time we leave the world ,our generation’s generation follows the footstep of our struggle….
Beng Hernandez Collage
Beng Hernandez Collage

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