Her 1st ZipLine: Jessica Conquers Her Fear Of Heights

The closest we can get to an adventure in the metro is the Quezon City Memorial Circle. It used to be just a place to jog. But has been developed to become a theme park, playground, picnic area, zip line adventure, and so much more, over the last couple of years.

The circle is open everyday until the evening. The zipline was available until 9pm. We got there a little after 5pm. I know, it wasn’t wise because we’d only have like 3 hours to enjoy the place. But, given the crazy schedule Joy and I had, I’m sure we made use of every second of that bonding moment.

Since this is the 1st time that Jessica is zip-lining, we started with the sitting position. At least in this set-up, we sit side-by-side so she can hold on to someone. I offered for the sisters to do it together while I videotape them. But Joy insisted that I take Jessica for the 1st zip-line of her life. =) Sweet, isn’t she?

And so the scared little girl can’t bring herself to smile anymore when she was being harnessed. She held on to me like crazy. Her hands were cold, and she shook like it’s going to be a tae kwon do battle.

When we were pushed, I tried to calm her down. She closed her eyes and didn’t let go of my hands. I encouraged her to open her eyes and watch the landing spot come closer as we zip down the line. She eventually opened her eyes and began to smile. Whew! What a relief. =)

Now that she enjoyed it, we got excited and had an official photo taken (which I am staring at now, since she left it when she went home). It only cost us PhP 80.00 to get a picture the size of half a bond paper with the zipline’s logo on it.

Going back to where Joy stood waiting for us, we rode in tandem in the superman position. This time, she was more adventurous. She still held on to me, but this time, we were screaming together.

Our little Ms. Jessica has officially zip-lined, much to her Ate Jinky’s dismay, who we later learned has not tried the adventurous ride yet. (Next time, Jink, sama ka).

Here are more details about this zipline adventure:

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