#HowUnfortunate : Netflix Pre-launches Season 2 of A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Count Olaf’s quest to steal the Baudelaire fortune continues in Season 2 of the Lemony Snicket’s TV series adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events, to be released on March 30, 2018 on Netflix.

#HowUnfortunate : Count Olaf’s quest to steal the Bauledaire fortune continues

And just before he does, Netflix had a 3-day party in Makati to welcome the new season with free food, drinks and an unfortunate give-away.

Let’s take a look at the Ruins in Poblacion as it was transformed into an unfortunate playground of misfortunes for three nights. We were there on the last night and yet, the force was in full swing. The five of us definitely had a great, albeit unfortunate, Saturday night. My sister, on a side note, even told my mother, you’re the only old guest there! Lol. Even my 58 year-old mom posted on social media, duh!

#HowUnfortunate : The unfortunate feel of the place set the mood for the night. Photo by Alpha Hernandez-Ramones


#HowUnfortunate : Other bloggers and influencers, celebrities and network personalities were also present


#HowUnfortunate : A night of misfortunes and freebies


The moment you walk in to the compound, it’s probably going to be the first thing you’d notice. Straight off from Lemony Snicket’s book, Cafe Salmonella is a seafood diner that serves only salmon-based dishes. We also had salmon costume-clad waiters who led us to our table, gave us our neckties and Lucky even joined in for a couple of photos.

#HowUnfortunate : Ravioli, open-face burger, custard eclairs at the Cafe Salmonella. Photo by Alpha Hernandez-Ramones


#HowUnfortunate : Small servings come in big flavors and surprises

My mom immediately tasted the guava in the custard eclairs, and I thought there was alcohol in the salmon-flavored water but all 4 of my companions disagreed with me. My sister especially liked the open face, mini cheese burger. We also downed the Scallops Ravioli in no time.

#HowUnfortunate : It came with 1 free drink (fees apply on your second glass)



We had the salted egg caramel ice cream right when we got there and was unfortunately surprised at how good, lansa-less it was. I would have wanted a second serving! My mother tried the turon-langka flavor and Alpha had the tablea chocolate.

#HowUnfortunate : For starters, have some salted egg caramel ice cream, or leche flan with calamansi, for a change in the usual flavors.


#HowUnfortunate : It was unfortunate that they ran out of ice cream earlier than they did the drinks (wink). Photo by Alpha Hernandez-Ramones


These were alcohol-based drinks and while Jons and Rona got their Engkanto Seasonal Raspberry Lager, my sister, mother and myself, only had the Mango Vanilla slush, which was alcohol-free.

#HowUnfortunate : Our mango vanilla slush done in a few minutes after the small-serving dinner at the Cafe Salmonella


#HowUnfortunate : the bar at the second floor against the creepy backdrop. Photo by Alpha Hernandez-Ramones


Jons had his misfortunes told before him and he came out laughing. It was probably some unfortunate news.


All we needed to do us was post a photo on any of our social media accounts with #HowUnfortunate and they gave us a journal inside a book box themed to, none other than the unfortunate events in the Baudelaire siblings’ lives. Even Rocket didn’t want to let it go when we got home.

#HowUnfortunate : My sister and mother claim their prize for posting the hashtag on any social media account


#HowUnfortunate : Our favorite freebie!


#HowUnfortunate : the journal of unfortunate events


#HowUnfortunate : unfortunately, this book case belongs to Rocket now


It was a bit difficult to find at first but later we understood why.  The place was perfect for art installations. I can imagine some movies being filmed there, photo shoot sessions in place and other events such as this.

#HowUnfortunate : The Ruins did not ruin the night. Photo by Alpha Hernandez-Ramones


#HowUnfortunate : From unfortunate to creepy, real quick


#HowUnfortunate : Photo by Alpha Hernandez-Ramones



Season 1 was shown on Netflix in 2017 and is set to release Season 2 on March 30th, 2018. The treacherous villain with ultimate villane-ous treachery, Count Olaf, is set to make things even worse for Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. The orphaned siblings have been fighting off the disguised villain ably played by Neil Patrick Harris, and they have both stayed true to the novels they were adapted from, and creative in their subplots and character transformations.

#HowUnfortunate : Season 2 Out on March 30!


#HowUnfortunate : Netflix scores it right for “unfortunate”

The first season had an aggregate approval rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and on Metacritic scored a magnificent 8.1/10. Get ready for more misfortunes starting March 30!


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