Long Gone; Forever Missed – Beng Hernandez on Her 33rd Birthday

Dear Ate,

I can’t begin to tell you how we miss you. The mention of your name, a post of your picture, the thought of how it was having you around, makes everyone nostalgic (as one of your friends put it).

You compressed a life, solid friendships, a complicated sisterhood, a loving relationship, and your service to the people in 22 short but well-lived years. You touched so many, that almost 11 years since you passed, people are still remembering and missing you. Students who were Alec’s age when it happened are now more mature to remember you. Your contemporaries now have kids of their own, families they strive to raise in this biased world.

Beng Hernandez - A Writer and A Martyr
Beng Hernandez – A Writer and A Martyr

I have a certain sadness when I remember you. I am sad that we had to lose you. Speaking apolitically, I just want to embrace you. I just want to let you know how sorry I was for “borrowing” your things and sneaking them out while you’re asleep. I want to let you feel how proud I am of you. I’m sure Alec and Jami have their own stories. And I’m sure as hell that they’re dying to have you back.

Beng Hernandez 10th Death Anniversary, Davao Memorial Park
Beng Hernandez 10th Death Anniversary, Davao Memorial Park

And then I remember why we all have to suffer this loss. And it begins to be political again. This government has since played numb and dumb on the United Nations Resolution charging the Philippine Government, by command responsibility, guilty of your death, along with 3 others.

The senseless killing of young activists like you has happened before we were born, and the insecure governments don’t seem to be thinking about retiring that weak tactic soon. The impunity continues. The pain is rekindled. But one thing is for sure. You are forever remembered.

Our sister and friend. We love and miss you. Happy Birthday!

9 thoughts on “Long Gone; Forever Missed – Beng Hernandez on Her 33rd Birthday”

  1. We will never forget Ate Beng.
    we may not have been with her, but her struggle for the emancipation and building a peaceful place for the generations to come, where genuine justice and equality reigns. Our comrade, chose the red path to victory. Red not because of hatred or anger. But red because of her love for the people, her love for justice and peace.
    Atenews and all those who remember, those who commemorate and those who continue her struggle will never waiver the fight . As justice under this rotten system will not be given, but in the light of our united action towards victory.

    Be strong always Migz. Send our regards to Nanay Evan and Alec(Alpha). Pakisabi drawing session kami ulit.

    1. sure. thanks for rekindling the life and death of our dear BENG. i know she’s happy to know that the same people she loved and fought for, remember her till this day.. makakarating kay alec =) vector gamit nya na application to draw..

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