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Negros Series: Manokan Country and Aboy's Restaurant – 2 Different Dining Styles, Same Bacolod Taste

When in Bacolod, it’s impossible to miss their signature inasal chicken. But the thing is, it’s not the usual inasal experience we have in Manila.

Welcome to Manokan Country. Here, a strip of eatery that serve chicken inasal and other grilled food, line up and illuminate the dark street. It is right at the center of the poblacion, near the church and SM City Bacolod.

At night, it gets too dark and I did not bother to take my phone out, just to be safe. So when you go there, (1) bring your own car – transpo can be scarce late at night (2) expect to inhale a lot of smoke (3) it’s not the usual restaurant setting (4) go there in groups and (5) enjoy the delicious yet affordable food.

And the best among the chicken inasal server:

Aida's Chicken (Manokan Country - Bacolod)
Aida’s Chicken (Manokan Country – Bacolod)

I feel like I can treat the whole family for a “sky is the limit” treat where they just pick out anything and I won’t have a problem with the bill in the end. =)

Meanwhile, on the other side, back from Murcia (Mambukal) and after I bought tons of pasalubong at BongBong’s, I ate at Aboy’s.

Aboy's in Bacolod, Negros Occidental
Aboy’s in Bacolod, Negros Occidental

It’s exactly the opposite of Manokan in the sense of budget and ambiance. The crablets are perfect. I forgot what they call it in that resto but I could have unlimited of that if it weren’t that much of a health hazard. It’s like relleno and every bite is HEAVENLY.

The chicken inasal is a little bit smaller than the Mang Inasal size but very well worth it. The meat falls off the bone and there’s actually no need for this knife. That’s probably why I had to ask for a knife, because they know I won’t need it.

The side dish was insane, too. White onions, fresh green tomatoes and pork bits. Just the right way to go. Perfect for me.

I had my taxi waiting outside while I ate. He would also take me to the airport after this hurried lunch.

The over-all food experience at Negros Occidental is amazing, especially that I’m a sucker for Chicken Inasal and seafood. I totally got what I bargained for. Though I know I haven’t explored all the good food here, I know that’s just another reason to come back, right?

The Bacolod-Silay Airport
The Bacolod-Silay Airport

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