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My CebuPacific Story: 8 International Destinations In Three Years

Their slogan is right. It’s time every Juan flies.

My CebuPacific Story: One of the smaller Cebu Pacific planes for Domestic flights (taken in 2013)

4 years ago I wouldn’t have imagined spending a weekend in Australia, my birthday in Japan, our anniversary in China, Thailand and Cambodia, new year in Taiwan and a weekend with my mother and Mary in Hong Kong and Macau (as a Mothers’ Day gift), all in the span of 3 years.

My CebuPacific Story: Mary at the Shibuya Crossing in June, 2016

Before we get started, let me leave it out here that this is not a paid ad (I wish it were). However, what drove me to write this is to inspire and encourage other people out there, that traveling is not just for the rich. After all, the purpose of FOOTLOOSETOMCAT.COM is to share experiences, and tell stories.

My CebuPacific Story: Me before any international flights (Caramoan 2014)

Not long ago, I couldn’t even afford to buy clothes from the mall – I always bought the surplus kind, the wag-wag, the ukay. I figured that as long as I could wear them to the office, I was okay.

My CebuPacific Story: Youngest sister and myself, back in the day,

My youngest sister went to college on a stipend and we, as a family, poured in what little resources we had – albeit insufficient for her needs, to ensure she finished her degree in Information Technology. She is a strong woman, my sister, though that story is something I am saving up for her wedding next year (sob, sob).

My CebuPacific Story: Until she graduated…

Fast forward to 2014, my first international flight happened to be…drumroll.. to Hong Kong and Macau. My sister just about got her own job then and I also moved to another company that paid higher than the last.

My CebuPacific Story: Every kid and kid at heart’s dream – Disneyland! (Gutom days here)

Then another seat sale happened. I said to myself, maybe I can celebrate my birthday in Tokyo?

My CebuPacific Story: Lake Ashi in Japan, 2015

A year after, I found myself celebrating our first anniversary and my birthday in Beijing. Wow, this isn’t happening!

My CebuPacific Story: Anniversary and Birthday celebrations in Beijing, 2016

Hard work (so I can deserve my vacation leaves), a frugal mindset (so I can afford the expenses), patience (so I can stay awake on hours to snag that seal sale) and a method to this madness (using my GetGo points as wisely as I could) all helped me go to these countries where Cebu Pacific flies to.

My CebuPacific Story: Cebu Pacific – it’s time every Juan flies!

I came back to Japan and this time, with Mary, in 2016.

We spent the new year week in Taipei to welcome 2017.

We celebrated our second anniversary in Bangkok and Siem Reap, and then, wow! Sydney.

We had a Guam trip in August that we decided to cancel due to the tense situation on the island territory. I almost booked a RT ticket for two to Dubai for only 5,600 using my points just a few days bacl, but chose not to because of an upcoming trip. Maybe next time!

My CebuPacific Story: Bangkok, 2017


My CebuPacific Story: Angkor Wat, 2017 (via Bangkok)


My CebuPacific Story: Taipei 101 and Mary on New Year’s Eve, 2016 to 2017

How much were those tickets? How did I earn my GetGo points? How do I know if there are seat sale promos?

My CebuPacific Story: Our affair with Cebu Pacific

Let’s start with how I try to save money when not traveling – read more here. It basically says that I go for discounted restaurants, discounted services, discounted accommodation. Getting the trend? 🙂

Here’s how much the tickets cost, which in reality, is dirt cheap compared to regular fares. The key is book months ahead. I had no denied visas yet in all of the countries I went to, which is kind of great.

What I also like about this airline is that there is no extra fee when using a credit or debit card to book. They can even hold your booking up to 24 hours – way, way convenient and favorable to budget-centered people like me.

My CebuPacific Story: All of our Cebu Pacific International Flights


Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Card with Union Bank launched a promo for a free round trip ticket to any CEB flight destination (base fare only) if I got approved, and spent a total of PhP 20,000 until a given time.

My CebuPacific Story: Any destination, and I chose Sydney – a different hemisphere, a different continent.


My CebuPacific Story: Cebu Pacific departing the Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney, July 2017

Before this, I never owned a credit card. I submitted all my requirements, was approved, spent money (easy actually since I used the card for groceries in Robinsons – which is another way for me to get the points). Soon after the voucher arrived. Even if the base fare was free, I still had to pay for taxes and such, including the ridiculous (oops, just my opinion) international travel tax of PhP 1,620.

My CebuPacific Story: Non-revenue flight to Sydney


My CebuPacific Story: The mammoth of a cathedral, St. Mary’s in Sydney, July 2017



Just sign up at and a card will be delivered to you with your name on it. You can also get one at any Cebu Pacific locations, or at the airports. You will get a nameless card, but you will receive email notifications nonetheless, whenever a seat sale is announced.

My CebuPacific Story: Get started by signing up for a GetGo account!



When you log on to the website, you will see a lot of partners where you can get points. I specifically like Robinsons supermarket and department store because we live a stone’s throw away from Galeria. I get points because I use my GetGo credit card and my GetGo member card (instead of using my Robisons Card). If you have a car, you can use it at Petron, or, as a traveler, you can use it when booking at KLOOK or in some partner hotels.

My CebuPacific Story: Get all the points and use them for flights or shopping!

You also get points every time you book with Cebu Pacific and enter your GetGo member number. You can also use your points outside of booking tickets. You can shop too, just remember to visit the website as promos may change.

My CebuPacific Story: One of my favorite sunrises – on a plane on the way to Tokyo, 2015

One doesn’t have to be rich to travel. Sometimes, you just have to know how do it by the cheap.

And in less than a week, half of my dream for my parents, will come true, in God’s will, through Cebu Pacific. Mama is going out of the country before she hits 60! And who knows, I may convince my father to go to Japan where his sister, my Aunt, lives. Nothing is impossible.

My CebuPacific Story: Mama and myself in the Sumaguing Cave, Feb2015

And can I just say thank you, Cebu Pacific?!? You’ve made a lot of Juans fly!


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  1. Same with me and my wife, thanks Cebu Pacific and GetGo.. we got our first international flight to Hongkong last June 2016. We spent just around 11k on airfares roundtrip from Davao to HK. Then sometime in July, I applied for the Union Bank GetGo Credit Card and got my Singapore trip last Feb 2017 for free. For my wife, i used around 4,000 GetGo points to redeem her round trip ticket. When then had the 10pts promo last march. I booked our Oct 31-Nov 3 trip for just 40 pts (for me and my wife). We also do shopping at Robinson’s using the Union Bank Card for faster points accumulation. I also use Petron Value Card when I gas up. Truly Cebu Pacific GetGo is a blessing to us who want to travel on a tight budget. One thing I keep praying is that Cebu Pacific would increase it’s international flights from Davao…. Keep it up Cebu Pacific #FlyForFree

    1. Hi Prince! i am so happy that they’re giving us this chance to travel. let’s keep earning the points to #flyforfreefaster … see you somewhere and thanks for reading the blog!

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