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Boracay Series: Nerve-Wracking, Adrenaline-Pumping Cliff-Jumping

Jumping off a cliff to water that’s deep enough to drown you is like, scary, right?

Water Sports in Boracay - Cliff Jumping with the GoPro
Water Sports in Boracay – Cliff Jumping with the GoPro

WRONG!!!! It is helluva nerve-wracking yes, but it’s definitely something worth doing at least once in our lifetime. Well, for me I’d take more than one please.

So when I returned to Boracay, I only had 2 things in my to-do list since we have achieved a lot of activities during the first stay and even had a chance to side-trip to Tibiao, Antique.

Those two things are Cliff Jumping and another water sport, skim boarding.

Kayaking and Skimboarding in Boracay
Kayaking and Skimboarding in Boracay

I invited my friends to cliff-jump and there were only 3 o out of 8 of us who agreed. But when the island hopping came and the boat had to stop by , everyone took turns jumping the cliff, even the unsinkable, indefatigable 5-year old boy Ckiyan.

The entrance is only PhP 150 per pax with unlimited stay and jump. There is a store in the place where you can grab some hot noodles, go for a smoke, or get water from.

Here’s the full video clip of our Cliff-Jumping:

Please feel free to vote for the best jump, just for fun!

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