One More Try — It's Not "Another" INFIDELITY Movie !!!

A lot has been said about the movie even before the start of the MMFF. That it’s another infidelity movie, that it’s all about sex, or that it is disturbingly similar to another Asian movie. Oh no, I wouldn’t even go there.

This is a movie my girlfriend and I decided to watch the very first time we saw the trailer. Well, it’s been well-advertised compared to the other movies.  I have always been a fan of Angel Locsin and her off-the-record activities, and I have always followed her career way back. I had a picture of her and my could-have-been brother in law, in one of the campaigns for a youth group. So there’s no question why we’re watching it. Also, I have always idolized (read: “sana sing-gwapo ko si Dong) Dingdong and followed his career since his Inaki days. Unknowingly, my girlfriend also liked him when she was younger, which was revealed to me by my girlfriend’s sister Jinky.

One More Try -- Watch It!!!
One More Try — Watch It!!!

Okay, enough backgrounder and more on the gist of the story.

Angelica’s character Jacq and Dingdong’s character Edward have long been sweethearts since college. A mistake, which Edward considers, happened while he was in Baguio and had a short stint with Angel’s character Grace, who didn’t know that Edward already had a girlfriend. When she found out about this, she never bothered the couple again, even after knowing that she is pregnant with Edward’s son. 5 or 6 years later, a rare blood condition of the son, Bochok, has led his mother Grace to ask Edward, who didn’t even know he had a son with Grace, for help. Edward is married to long-time girlfriend Jacq and are both successful in their respective careers.

You would wonder why the wife would consent to such a meeting between her husband and the girl who caused him to be unfaithful. Clue anyone? Because she’s had a miscarriage after she refused to follow doctor’s orders to stop working because of the delicate pregnancy.

Tissue typing of the father didn’t match, in vitro fertilization (more like artificial insemination I think), didn’t impregnate Grace which led them to “the natural way”, “sex, kantot, jugs” in the words of the sometimes tactless Doctor played out by Carmina, who happens to be friends with Grace, and godparent of the child in question.

This earns the ire of the formerly supportive wife. Grace begged, knelt, and cried to Jacq, “pahiram ng asawa mo”, and because Jacq can’t say no to a dying child, agrees for her husband to have sex with Grace, under her condition. And what these conditions are, is a must-see / must-know.

Alright, so enough spoiler said, you gotta watch it!!!

Angel Locsin’s performance was worth a best actress award, if the movie hadn’t been shown along with the great Nora Aunor’s Thy Womb. She played the role of a mother who would do anything to save her son. Anything. I had a lot of favorite scenes with Angel in it. The post-birthday scene, the doing it scene, and the “tapos na tayo” scene. Angel has carefully chosen the roles she accepts, and by far, this is one of the most memorable.

Dingdong Dantes’ acting explains once more how a GMA star could be a part of a Star Cinema movie. No negotiations needed. His performance said it all. Kudos! My favorite scenes are the “you shut up” scene, when Bochok fainted / rushed to the hospital scene, and when he and Angelica entered the hotel, with shades on. True fashionistas, these two. Congratulations for winning the Best Actor award!

The hotel scene from One More Try
The hotel scene from One More Try

Angelica wasn’t bitchy in the beginning, she played the role of a dutiful wife, but when push came to shove, she put on her warrior mode, who was “ready to kill” to protect her marriage from any threat. She has risen to play the role. Greatest moments were “naka subscribe ka ba sa unlisex sa asawa ko?”, “what is your obsession about my husband having sex with your friend? or something. I was too astounded with the lines in the movie to have the chance to memorize them.

For me and my girlfriend, though, the silent star of that movie happened to be Zanjoe. His acting has improved a lot, and has shown so many emotions. He played the supportive turned insecure and jealous boyfriend, who, despite everything that’s happened, did not really leave his girlfriend. He simply stood from afar when things got more complicated than initially planned. Our favorite scene? A crying Zanjoe clutching a beer bottle, near the window, thinking about what’s going on, while Grace and Edward try to give Bochok a chance at staying alive. His scenes gave him the opportunity to tell the watching public that he is no longer just a model / actor. He is a full-blown actor now. He was a revelation.

Other actors of note: Bochok made it really hard for everyone not to cooperate in Grace’s campaign to save him. He is so adorable and cute and I’m sure that this movie is going to open doors for him as an actor. Miguel Vergara, who played the dying child in this movie, won the Best Child Star Award.

Gina Pareno is still the best adviser in any movie, as shown here. She didn’t consent on her daughter’s plan but in the end when the latter pushed through with it, was still the very first one to understand. She is a true gem in the film industry.

So, enough with all the arguments. Just enjoy the talent showcased by these people. You are going to get your money’ worth, and more. It won’t bag the Best Picture Award, Best Editing and Best Screenplay, if it hadn’t been really worth-watching, right?

Best Picture of the 2012 MMFF - One More Try
Best Picture of the 2012 MMFF – One More Try

And in case you guys still have not watched the film, here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=741HCJFEHoM

So, what do you think?

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