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Puerto Galera – Boracay of the North

I wonder what made some people say this of Puerto Galera. I never found out in my own experience, but in the experiences of others.

For now that I haven’t been to the real Bora yet (we missed our flight with friends because of work), let me share to you our Puerto Galera experience, as it is one of the closest beaches from Metro Manila.

Well, there’s also Nasugbu, Batangas if you’re somewhere in Cavite or Laguna. We have Laiya beaches in San Juan, Batangas too.

Going up north we have Zambales (where the famous Annawangin cove, Capones and Camaro islands can be found), which may take only 3-4 hours to get there via SCTEX.

But for now, let’s talk about the place to be at in Mindoro.

So we got into a cab going to Buendia where one would find most Batangas-pier bound buses.  Fare should be around PhP 150 per pax. After getting off the bus at the pier, look for terminal 3 where tickets going to Galera can be purchased. Be careful though of those who present themselves as willing to help you buy a ticket because in the end, they will BEG you to buy from their goodies like espasol and the like. Just go and grab your tickets from the counter.

Boat ride is about PhP 250 one way, and you have the option to buy round trip tickets if you’re sure when you’re coming back. If not, just buy your return trip ticket when in Galera.

Puerto Galera boat docked on the shore
Puerto Galera boat docked on the shore

We chose the Summer Connection resort in white beach because it’s NOT right in front of the action. And by action I mean, booze, romance and smoke. Since Joy and I were there for a quiet moment, we chose this place. It’s a healthy walk away from the crowd. It wasn’t too noisy, and we don’t smell food in the room. A standard air-conditioned  room is at hP1500 off-peak (July-February) and PhP2500 during peak season (March to June)

There’s a bar in the resort, a hammock — our favorite, and a pass to the farther side of this beach.

Rocky, quiet and very captivating. It’s too bad I didn’t take a picture. I was too engrossed at the person I am with that I totally forgot to bring home some photos. After all, this was when we became officially us, so I’m sure you’d understand. =)

The Summer Connection Hammock - Puerto Galera
The Summer Connection Hammock – Puerto Galera

There was a fire dance that night and Joy enjoyed it a lot. Foreigners and Filipinos alike stood there marveling at the talent of the young guy who danced with fire, with nothing but his boxers. Ooops. Not really our thing. But for those who would appreciate it, would even ask for pictures with the guy after the show. I was surprised to know that he actually worked there as a waiter / dancer. Hmm..

Puerto Galera Mikko's Bar
Puerto Galera Mikko’s Bar

As is always present in beaches, Henna tattoo enthusiasts crowd the place. I got one, too. If you forgot to bring extra shirts, board shorts and swim suits, that won’t be a problem. They’ve got everything there.

Puerto Galera Henna Tattoing
Puerto Galera Henna Tattoing

Food is also abundant. They have squid, chicken, liempo (pork belly) and all things grilled. When you walk along the beach, you would be tempted to stop by and get halo-halo. A welcome sweet and cold after being scorched under the sun, in the salty atmosphere of Galera.

We had crepe that night, and fried Tilapia  and barbecue the following day at the bar fronting the boat that would take us back to reality–work and Manila.

If it hadn’t been for the milestone in my life that happened in this place, given the amount of money spent and the travel time in the weekend getaway at par with the beach experience, I would say, I would rather go to Zambales.

I mean, Galera is just too crowded, the beach a little bit overrated, and dirty. They say that if one wants to get laid, they can go there. I’m sure the officials of this city are putting up every effort to not be just a place to have —-. I’m sure party-goers would love the nightlife in this beach. Just wasn’t our thing (anymore…)

Just my opinion. =)

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