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#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary In South East Asia’s First World Country


Yup, you got that right. It is South East Asia’s first-world country (I don’t seem to find data on Brunei). It also holds the most powerful passport in the world that can enter 163 countries visa-free (189 countries as of March 2019).

But a lot of people say it’s boring, it’s all concrete and technological. Truth be told, you will be slapped right smack in the face the moment you head there and discover for yourself how “green” it is, and how 3 days can’t be enough to experience the sights and sounds of the Lion City. If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should go to Singapore.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (More flowers than you could imagine)

Since we went there as a plan B for our 3rd anniversary, we researched less about the city-state and decided to take it slow. The primary reasons we were there were food, art and rest. So this itinerary is easy but I will point out along the way what else you can do in the area.


It would be best to arrive in the morning and not at midnight – which is what happened to us. We initially planned on staying in the airport until the train lines open but we made a mistake. Scoot offered to check in our hand-carry luggage for free because the cabin would be full. We said yes and that required us to exit the transit area to go get our luggage. That meant there was no way to go back to the transit area where we could visit the garden inside the airport like we planned.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Tour the airport if you have time)

In 2019, before boarding our plane back to Manila, I went around the Lotus Garden which also serves as a smoking area.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary Changi Airport Lotus Garden


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Changi Airport lounge)


Here’s the arrival hall, with my mother ever so excited, on her Colme-NERI pose (2019):

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Changi Airport Arrival)

Dazed and a bit frustrated, we then just took a cab to our hotel located in Little India and decided to just check in early.

Lessons – roam the in-transit facilities if you have no checked baggage. Or choose a flight that arrives after 6am when the train is already operational.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Change some of your USD to SGD at the Changi airport)

The guy at the hotel reception, a Filipino, charged us 65 SGD (2500 PHP) to check in 10 hours early when we actually paid 2700 PHP per night two weeks prior, so it ended like we’re paying for almost the same price of a full night. Accommodation in Singapore is THAT expensive.

So yes, we were filled with mishaps on the first day – and then we were finally in the room, that’s when I discovered that my work phone – just issued a week before the trip – is also missing. Oh and I also had cough and colds before the trip, which made it doubly annoying. But no, the show must go on!


The train system is easy to use, what’s difficult was finding the right exit depending on where you want to go. And of course, the walking part. I think it’s a common expectation for cities with really efficient train systems that it really involves a lot of walking – or biking.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Use this photo for your reference on train instructions below)

We enjoyed brunch at a Chinese restaurant in China Town and bought some souvenir items while there and cooled down at Shan Cha for some tea, coffee and smoothie fix.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary – China Town restaurant


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Art near Shan Cha) 2019 update – we passed by this place in March 2019 and found that the Shan Cha cafe has closed much to our dismay. Not sure if they relocated though.

Also in China town is the Buddha Tooth Relic which we didn’t go to last time, but we visited in 2019. You might want to include that in your list since you’re already in the area. Admission is free.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Buddha Tooth Relic)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Buddha Tooth Relic – 10.000 Buddhas – the boxes on the wall are actually different Buddha faces and there’s a total of 10,000 there)

By train: China Town, purple line (NE4) or blue line (DT19)

From the same train station in China Town, we started our trip to Esplanade. Actually, it’s pretty much walk-able.

The merlion was on sick leave, getting cleaned and repainted for the Chinese New Year celebrations a week after.

March 2019 update – don’t look now but when we came back, Merlion is still on SL. So we went to Sentosa Island instead so my mom could have a photo with Singapore’s poster boy.

We instead marveled at the Marina Bay Sands and my favorite structure / building – the ArtScience Museum that resembled a lotus flower. You can also see the 2nd-largest Louis Vuitton outlet, as well as other posh shopping centers. The Esplanade is also an art in itself – it resembles Singapore’s national fruit – Durian! Look closely.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Esplanade aka Durian)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Marina Bay while waiting for the light show, March 2019)

By train: Esplanade, orange line (CC3)

While you’re there, eat some more by dropping by Makansutra where you can find Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Chinese and even Filipino food (we found Gerry’s Grill there!).

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Makansutra)

You can rent a bike, or jog, as it is highly promoted in Singapore. Or you can simply watch the sunset – which comes in a lot later at around 7pm.

If you walk farther to the direction of the supertrees, you would have to walk on one of the most beautiful foot bridges I’ve seen – the Helix Bride.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (The spiral-looking thing on the left side is the Helix Bridge)

So named because it was patterned to the DNA double helix. Don’t miss the 745pm lights and sound show of the super trees – because for one it is awesome, and two, it’s free! A bonus? Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak” was played along with other nation’s iconic songs (when we came back in 2019, the songs have changed). You can watch the full Singapore video below:

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (SuperTrees)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (some orchids below the super trees)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (this time, with my mom and Mary. A picnic while waiting for the show – March 2019)

The trees are not just a sight to behold, they also have solar panels that help generate enough power for the trees’ consumption at night, staying true to Singapore’s goal of less carbon footprints. If you have a gopro or any wide-angle camera, it might be useful in the supertrees grove because your phones will not be able to capture the magnitude of the attraction especially if you’re “under” the trees.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Mary under the “trees”)

We missed on seeing some of the art installations the first time we went, also located along the Gardens by the Bay, such as The Planet which we saw only on instagram weeks after the trip.

Anyway, if you love the arts, explore the gardens some more and use this guide, admission is free. It’s going to be a long day, but it’s worth it.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (The Planet – art installation at the Gardens By The Bay – photo from

So when we went back in March 2019, we didn’t miss the chance to take these photos:

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (The Planet in Gardens By The Bay, March 2019)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (The Planet at night, it really looks like it’s floating)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (walking around the city center)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary – Gardens By The Bay


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (more sculptures)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (My mama is game for a pose with the bronze statues)


Breakfast at Maxwell Food Center. From China Town MRT exit, walk straight until you see the Hindu Temple and walk a few blocks until you see the Buddhist Tooth Relic Temple. Cross the street fronting the temple and walk a block, you’ll see the sign on the right. It’s a bit hidden, but there are directions. Go for the oyster cake at 2 SGD apiece, Tian Tian is famous for its hainanese chicken, and a lot more.

By train: China Town, purple line (NE4) or blue line (DT19)

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Oyster cake at Maxwell Food Centre)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Maxwell Food Centre)

Bugis Street is also one of the places you go to for more food and cheap items. You can buy your pasalubong there.

By Train: Bugis Station, blue line (DT14) or green line (EW12)

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Bugis Street)

We also purchased the Duck Tour – so called because it’s amphibious and is the best way to see the highlights of Singapore on land and water. We bought it together with the Dome tickets – Cloud Forest and Flower Dome for SGD 67 (PHP 2667) which we watched in the afternoon till evening.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Duck Tours)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Duck Tours)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Flower Dome)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Flower Dome)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Flower Dome)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Cloud Forest)

The Flower Dome is good for pictures and education – but if you’re in Singapore on a budget, you might want to skip it. The Cloud Forest however, is a different story. It houses the world’s tallest indoor falls, it’s man-made and it educates the visitors on the importance of saving our forests, reducing carbon emission and the effects of global warming. An additional 3 SGD is required if you want unlimited rides using the electric cars in the garden becasue walking is going to drain your energy. Otherwise, you can walk from the train station all the way to the domes.

By train: Marina South Pier, red line (NS28)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Marina Bay Sands at night)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (walk over the dragonfly and kingfisher lake)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (SuperTrees)



Our bus to Melaka was scheduled to leave Singapore at 1230pm so we still had a bit of time to explore the neaby Arab Street in the Kampong Glam area.

From our hotel in Little India, it was a mere 10-minute walk (we have short, slow strides so that’s probably just 5 minutes). It is one of the hippest areas where you’ll find Haji Lane, the national mosque, some quirky shops and just about anything.

After check out, we headed to the bus station in Queen Street – again walking distance from our hotel and just near Arab Street.

By Train: Bugis Station, blue line (DT14) or green line (EW12)

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Masjid Sultan Mosque)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Haji Lane)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (View fro Kampong Glam Cafe)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Haji Lane March 2019)


Resorts World Sentosa – it’s a famous theme park / island that has Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Universal Studios Singapore, and the Sentosa Island rides. a two-day pass including a ticket to USS is at 130 SGD (5172 PHP). If you want a ticket for USS only, it’s SGD 76 (PHP 3025) for adults and 56 for kids 12 years old and below. Tickets from KLOOK might be cheaper. We didn’t choose this because we’ve already been to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka in 2016.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Entry to Sentosa Island is free, but if you want to go to Universal Studios, a separate fee applies. For us, we just took photos of the Merlion and the SENTOSA sign)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (the largest Merlion statue in SG is in Sentosa)

By Train: Harbour Front Station using purple line (NE1) or orange line (CC29)

ArtScience Museum – that lotus flower-looking building at the foot of Marina Bay Sands houses one of the most interactive museums in SG. We went there in 2019 and my mom thoroughly enjoyed it. It is good for all ages.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (ArtScience Museum)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary ArtScience Museum Future World

By Train: Bayfront, or Raffles Place, or Promenade

Mustafa Center – if Walmart is America’s 24-hour supermarket, Mustafa is Singapore’s. You will find anything and everything you’ll want from there plus their website is updated real-time with prices for reference and planning.

By Train: Farrer Park Station using purple line (NE8)

Henderson Waves – one other magnificent bridge that we missed, it’s a pedestrian bridge that resembles a golden wave. If you want to walk it from one end to the other, that’s 274 meters for you.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Henderson Waves from

We went there in 2019, but didn’t get the same view as above. Lol. It was meant for people who want to go on brisk walk or run their dogs, but we went there anyway for photos, because it was my birthday! But first, we rode the cable car to Mt. Fabre and walked all the way to Henderson Waves.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Henderson Waves in the morning)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Cable car to Mt. Fabre and Sentosa)

By Train: Harbour Front Station using purple line (NE1) or orange line (CC29) EXIT D

Legoland Malaysia – is only an hour away from Singapore and buses can get you there at SGD 15 per person. Prepare your passport since you’re crossing boarders. Check out the tickets here.

Melaka Malaysia – 4 hours from Singapore and we absolutely loved it. Read more in this article.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Day Trip from Singapore to Melaka)

FlyScoot, a Singapore Airlines budget airline, flies from Manila and Clark to Singapore daily.

We also flew via Jetstar in March 2019.

#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (first time to fly with scoot)


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary – Jetstar Manila-SG-Manila


#SingaporeForMore : 3D2N Itinerary (Happy birthday to me! 2019)

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