The Crazy and Addictive Candy Crush Saga: Stuck at Level 65

Alright, I’d like to be honest. Joy has always been the “gamer” between the two of us. She just gets her 32-GB phone updated with the all the apps she wants. From Plants Vs. Zombies (oh I finished it!), Angry Birds, Temple Run and Temple Run 2, Diamond Dash, Car Town, and a whole lot more. Sometimes I would abhor those games because it takes her precious time and attention off of me. To be fair, she engaged me in the games she played. Some, I liked. Sometimes, I downloaded my own games like Coin Dozer, Logos Quiz, Geography 101, Sudoku and Word Search. There are weekends when all we do is compete with each other, day in, day out.

Until Candy Crush came. I thought it’s just one of those games that she’d dump after a week or so. Boy, was I wrong. It even got me hooked too. In one week, I reached level 50, and I got stuck there for a while since I needed tickets to move to the next episode. And when I got the tickets I needed? I moved up to 65 in no time. That’s when my speed reached zero. Nil. Nada. Betlog. I’ve been stuck in this level for a week now, more than 50 attempts after. And I’m hating it.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

What is with this game that makes it addicting to those who’ve tried it, and enticing to those who have heard about it?

Let’s find out.

The aim could be different per level. Sometimes, you just need to clear all the jellies, bring the ingredients down, or reach a targeted score at the end of a given time. Line up 3 candies of the same kind, vertically or horizontally, and they burst. Special formations have special powers. As seen below.

Candy Crush Saga Tutorial
Candy Crush Saga Tutorial

Easy, right?

Wrong! As one friend and former schoolmate (Michelle Gamueta) put it, the game is utterly simple but undeniably addicting! She, like me, is stuck at 65.

Here’s how it looks like:

Candy Crush Saga Level 65
Candy Crush Saga Level 65

The aim is to clear those jellies while hitting the 120,000 target. But the thing is, the chocolates, when not hit in a move, proliferate. They block your way, they eat the candies, and it just distracts you from doing anything. I have never said “bwisit” to a chocolate until I reached this level. Damn. Michelle is right, this is probably the first time we’d ever hated these sweet things. I have found myself spending lunch breaks not in front of food but, playing this game. The problem with this, too, is you only have 5 lives, and you’ll have to “serve time” to wait for another one, or ask your Facebook friends to send you one. But I send requests to those who I know play it because I know it can be annoying to receive notifications from games like this (and honestly, I’m one of them). Joy’s sister Jinky is also stuck in the same level and has threatened to surpass me. =(

Candy Crush Saga- When You've Already Used Up Your Lives
Candy Crush Saga- When You’ve Already Used Up Your Lives

Joy has long surpassed this level (and I have a feeling I was the one who played it–sshhh! Don’t tell her that I thought so.), and is now at Level 79. But I have other friends who are in the hundreds level. My gosh. How was that ever possible? Well, I’ll find out.

There are available cheats and tutorials online ( http://www.appsmenow.com/walkthrough/39728-Candy_Crush_Saga/20849-level_65 ), but the beauty of the game lies in solving it on your own. It’s not just a sweet, candy-colored, sugar-coated game. It’s a mind-boggling, sometimes irritating, utterly addictive game. I even heard Gino Quillamor of RX 93.1 playing it.

Go on, try it. Try until you reach around levels 20-30 you’ll understand what we’re all buzzing about. It easily could become anyone’s favorite app. It is available for download for android and apple devices. Blackberry users? I think so, too.

To my fellow candy crush addicts, let’s get it on. Send me a life, please? Haha.

11 thoughts on “The Crazy and Addictive Candy Crush Saga: Stuck at Level 65”

  1. I’ve come so close to throwing my phone or deleting the most addicting app I’ve ever played CANDY CRUSH!!! I’ve been stuck on LEVEL 65 for like 2 weeks well over 50 lifea ive used tring to get past this devil level 65. Any tricks or know how’s would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
    Bruce G.

    1. you have to try to get a striped candy and a round candy (that black munchkin-looking candy), combine them so you could have a lot of striped candies that would extinguish the candies along its path. have you seen the video link i embedded in the blog? i watched it and not a day passed till i finished level 65. try it man. goodluck.

  2. You guys should also check out candycrush-cheats.com. They have super helpful tips for almost every level. I personally go there every time I am stuck on a level, and for the most part it helps me beat it. Yes, level 65 included 🙂

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