The EPIC Ending: Breaking Dawn 2 Takes Our Breaths Away

So, part of the ultimate date that Joy prepared for, was to watch the conclusive Breaking Dawn 2. I have turned down every invitation to watch the movie that weekend because it was meant to be watched with Joy. Well, there was only one other invitation =)

I’m a very practical person. I don’t really spend too much to watch a movie in the theaters. But since this is Joy’s treat, I gave in.

So we went to EDSA Shangri-La and surprisingly, there was no long queue. It was 4pm when we got there, and there were only like 6 people ahead of us.  We bought the tickets for 6pm so we could get seats at eye-level of the screen (which are seats I, J, K according to the ticket lady).

Joy likes the cinemas at Shang because the seats are more spacious and newer compared to Megamall. While outside food and drinks are not allowed, there are a lot to choose from the concessionaire.

While waiting for the movie, again, part of the day planned by Joy is to buy us both clothes. In a separate blog, I will write about my favorite dress up brand, Memo. So watch our for that.

And so with a bucket of sour cream-flavored pop corn and water (we’ve been avoiding soft drinks for a long time), we headed to the cinema 20 minutes before the start of the movie to catch trailers of upcoming movies. But there was none. The movie started right away.

The introduction seemed rather long to me, and I understood since they broke the book down into 2 movies, it would have been more beneficial to lengthen the intro part as the movie itself lasted for barely 90 minutes.

I’ve only read the 1st book and my opinion on the movie is solely based on how they came up with the movie.

Remembering how teeny-bopper the 1st one was (and yet I still watched it a lot of times with my sister) and rekindling the anger I felt when Bella kissed Jacob in Eclipse, gave me a continuity of the entire saga. And I liked that when they opened the movie, they started it when they ended part 1. From when Bella’s eyes started to turn red.

Needless to say my unforgettable part of the movie was when everything snapped back to reality after Aro held Alice‘s hand to see her visions. I was like,  Oh my God! It was just a vision. Joy and I were already bruising each other’s hands because of how intensely we felt about Carlisle and Jasper being killed in action.

I must say that the action sequence is 3 notches higher than the battle of Victoria‘s newborns against the Cullens and the pack combined. All the powers displayed, specifically Bella‘s mental shield and Benjamin‘s influence over the elements, really raised the roof there. Jacob‘s love, desire to protect and devotion for Renesmee was just worthy of applause. Everything never made sense before, you and me. That’s what he said to Bella while explaining what the heck happened with the imprinting.

In truth, the only real casualty was Maggie Grace‘s character (she is the loving daughter of Liam Neeson in their movies, Taken and Taken 2Irina, who saw Renesmee hovering / flying to get a snowflake. She immediately concluded that the kid is an immortal.

Based on the saga, an immortal child can kill an entire village with their tantrum. The creator of the immortal child and the child itself, including anyone who knows or stands by them, is punishable by law with a death sentence by the Volturi.

And so the problem went. They scoured the world for relative-vampires who could bear witness to the fact the Renesmee is indeed a half vampire, half human. With a heartbeat, blood and life. Alice found an older hybrid Nahuel, who is roughly 150 years old, to attest that hybrids do not live to hurt or annihilate the vampires. This, along with the vision that Aro saw when he held Alice, convinced the volturi that a fight will not ensue that day, even though, for us, who’ve watched the movies, we felt like a battle really took place. Whew.

Over-all, the movie is worth watching, and re-watching. Take it from me, because I would never spend a lot of money in the cinema; but for this movie, I would.

Catch the movie while you still can! See how Jacob revealed himself to Charlie, and witness, at least in Alice’s vision, how the characters “died”. And oops, sorry for the spoilers.

For more information about the entire saga, check this website: twilightsaga.wikia.com


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