The J.Co Phenomenon

The J.Co donuts just conquered Manila!!! OMG. This is crazy.

Their all-time best seller and signature donut, the Alcapone, is made of Belgian white chocolate, topped generously with slivers of Almond from California. This is a must-eat!

J.Co Donuts started out in 2005 and has already won 4 awards including “BEST Donut by Free Magazine in 2006. Here’s their website: http://www.jcodonuts.com/

Looking at the picture on top, you would see a lot of people lining up to get own taste of heaven with these donuts that, I’m sorry Krispy Kreme, has literally shut down other donut stores.

And if you haven’t eaten one yet, you’re missing something very phenomenal.

They come in other intriguing flavors such as Ms. Tea (green tea in a donut), Jcochinno (Italian cappuccino with chocolates), Glazzy (sweet honey glazed donut), Coco Loco (dark chocolate inside and out), Cheesee Me Up (melted New Zealand cheese), and others.

One friend said it’s a little bit pricey at PhP 42.00 per piece. But the more you buy, the lower the price becomes. For instance, 1 dozen costs PhP 350 (Php 29/pc) and 2 dozens cost PhP 550 (PhP 23/pc). So if I were you, I’d buy a dozen and take one box home now.

Oh and don’t forget, they also have beverages served. We tried the Caffe Avocado (we at first thought that the combination was weird, but it was AWESOME).

Imagine this: Italian Coffee, Sweet Avocado and Chocolate Shavings =) All mixed in perfection you would want one more.

The only suggestion I can perhaps add is that, they should have milk and sugar options, like that of Starbucks and other tea houses. As of now, they don’t have non fat milk nor sugar level options yet. But for the health conscious, in case you haven’t noticed, most of their ingredients have health benefits like almond, green tea, black chocolate, strawberry, orange, chamomile, and banana to name some. Try their JCOOL yogurt too!

So since Joy is a sucker for anything with Almonds, she chose the Alcapone and I chose the Forest Glam. It’s like the Black Forest with two half cherries, on top of soft newly-baked donuts. Trust me, I can always come back for more.

So what are you waiting for? Line up now! They’re located at the MegaMall strip, near Seattle’s Best and along Mang Inasal.

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