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The Ultimate Fun, Flying, Vomiting Experience: Enchanted Kingdom

If you’ve got a thousand pesos to spare (USD 25), Enchanted Kingdom is sure to give you a lot of ways to have fun, experience flying, gliding and turning yourselves upside down. Here are the ways to get there, plan your visit, and budget your money. But before we delve into the planning details, here are a few appetizers:

The Grand Carousel @ Enchanted Kingdom
The Grand Carousel @ Enchanted Kingdom

Disk-o Magic:

It’s like you’re seated an arm’s length apart on a disk and it turns as it moves up and down. Swings, actually.  It’s not as scary as the other rides and it’s a good starter. There will come a time when you’re at the highest point and then the disk rotates as if you’re falling. Oh well, you have something to hold on to anyway. Plus, the back is supported very well.

Scare Rate: 7 | Fun Rate: 8


It’s your usual bump car experience. If you’re used to doing this outside of EK, then don’t spend time queuing anymore. Kids would really love this, though. So prepare to be dragged by your boys to this side of the kingdom.

Scare Rate: 2 | Fun Rate: 7

EKstreme Tower:

This I think is the shortest “ride” but after I took the challenge, I understood why it has to last just under a couple of minutes, after lining up for say, 20 minutes?

You are strapped and taken really slowly up the tower and when you reach the top? Boom! You are released and your body enters a “free fall experience”. You technically wouldn’t feel your seats underneath you because of the fall. And then, as if that’s not enough, around 5 feet up the ground, the free fall stops and you are slowly led to the starting point. What a freaking relief. That was really awesome. Though during the free fall, which lasted a few seconds, I was calling my mother’s name. Oh and don’t forget to check out your pictures at the nearby booth. Laugh out loud after.

Yup, that's how high it is. The EKstreme Tower
Yup, that’s how high it is. The EKstreme Tower

Scare Rate: 10 | Fun Rate: 10

Space Shuttle:

Okay, so some claim to have really enjoyed this enough to queue again for this madness. It is your ultimate roller coaster experience. It puts you upside down 6x! Six Times! It builds up the thrill by backing out after all the riders are strapped in, and then fires up at full throttle with 3 rolls, and upon reaching the other end, it slows up and then goes back the same route, this time, on reverse. Before we started the ride, everyone was like, “I don’t wanna do this anymore!” jokingly. I even mocked and said “Alright, this is what you paid for, you idiots”, to release the building tension. But during the ride? I was too scared to say or do anything. Much less to open my eyes and see how my world is already spinning, thanks to Space Shuttle. Honestly, it put my insides upside-down.

Peak of Space Shuttle, before going for the reverse
Peak of Space Shuttle, before going for the reverse

Scare Rate: 10 | Fun Rate: 7

Jungle Log Jam:

Prepare to get wet, the sign says. The log can accommodate 4 riders, all should be leaning backwards during the fall. It’s going to give you the same “I think I left my heart up there” feeling. It’s like you’re already down there but you feel that you left something because of the way you fell. It also has one of the longest lines the entire day. Heading off to the exit, you would have a glimpse of the Space Shuttle.

The last and highest drop off the Jungle Log Jam
The last and highest drop off the Jungle Log Jam

Scare Rate: 8 | Fun Rate: 8

Anchors Away:

It’s like riding a boat, and you’re seated fronting each other, and you’re swayed up down, up down. Not scary? Try it. It was, after all the rides above, and this one, in order, that I finally puked. Argh. Kids would have fun doing this all over again. But not me. I swore to never ride it again. Or, not in the next 6 months or so. Haha.

Anchors Away at Dusk. Imagine if you were sitting at the right-most. You would feel like falling off.
Anchors Away at Dusk. Imagine if you were sitting at the right-most. You would feel like falling off.

Scare Rate: 7 | Fun Rate: 5 | Vertigo Rate: 10

Roller Skater:

It’s a baby-roller coaster ride which doesn’t turn much. It’s like the wash-up ride after getting really dizzy with the other rides.

Scare Rate: 4 | Fun Rate: 7

Rio Grande Rapids:

Oh did we get wet much on this ride. Soaking wet. It simulates a white-water rafting experience, the raft turns and sways along with the waves of the “river”.  It got already dark by the time we took this ride. And it only dawned on me that there were some skeletons posted somewhere along the course, to scare the riders.

Rio Grande Rapids Replica
Rio Grande Rapids Replica

Scare Rate: 7 | Fun Rate: 7

Flying Fiesta:

After a long day, “It’s like a zen moment for me”. It was a simple ride , in individual seats, where you seem to just be flying, only that you’re seated. It brushes off the exhaustion of the day, and is not as scary and dizzy as the other rides.

Scare Rate: 2 | Fun Rate: 8

The Grand Carousel:

It is the focal point upon entrance of the kingdom, and it looks very much like the Victorian Era. Or so the kingdom suggests.

The Grand Carousel at night
The Grand Carousel at night

Scare Rate: 1 | Fun Rate: 8

Rides we haven’t tried: Wheel of Fate and Up, Up and Away.

Wheel of Fate is like a huge Ferris wheel, huge because it can accommodate 6 people in one cart. Up, Up and Away is like the flying fiesta, it’s just that it’s like you’re riding a hot air balloon. But the principle is pretty much the same. It goes around. Doesn’t fly though.

Wheel Of Fate
Wheel Of Fate

How to get there:

Van / FX: From EDSA Starmall (Shaw), it is only PhP 70 per head. Get off at Waltermart in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and take the tricycle (PhP 10.00 each)

Official EK Van: Leaves their terminals at Makati (Hotel Intercon) and Quezon City (Eton Cetris) at PhP 300.00 for a 2-way trip. Check their schedules at their website.

Buses: If you’re not along EDSA, along LRT Buendia are JAC Liner and Jam Liner Transit that would pass by Sta. Rosa, take the same route as the van. Get off at Waltermart and take a tricycle to EK. Fare is less than PhP 60.00


Always check their website for rates since they always have promos going on. When we went there on a Chinese New Year (February 10, 2013), we saved PhP 100 because of a weekend package of PhP 2900 for 5, plus snacks provided by Dimsum and Dumplings (although we didn’t like the food served there). We were also given 5 button pins to celebrate the Chinese New Year in EK, included in the package.

The Famed Dragon Dance @ Enchanted Kingdom
The Famed Dragon Dance @ Enchanted Kingdom

On a non-promo weekday, it’s PhP 500 per head and PhP 600 on a weekend.

Pay extra for rides that are not included in the package, like the Go-Kart which I heard from a staff was at PhP 300 per 15mins.

They also have arcades inside to break the vertigo. I did that. After I, well, vomited, I had to pause from the dizzying rides and played basketball instead.

Parking fee is at PhP 35.00 for buses and PhP 50.00 for cars, fixed rate.

A thousand pesos per head won’t be that bad, including unlimited rides, food and fare, all in a day. If you’re not a dizzy person like me, be there before it opens at 11am so you could maximize all the rides. Repeat as desired. Bring extra shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Oh, and undies too. 

Enjoy you guys!

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